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Cast & Characters


The protagonist of our story. Indie is a human-turned-Pokemon who's lost his memory and woken up in this world as a Meditite. He's rather unsure of himself and still getting a grip on what being a Pokemon entails, so he doesn't take charge too often. Whenever he does, however, it's up to you to decide what happens!

Indie first met Erna outside Redpine Village after taking a hard fall from who knows where.

From there, the two took on Autumnal Forest- a dungeon in their village- together, and saved Dennis the Makuhita from a feral Raticate.

As of now, he and Erna are investigating a dilapadated house on the outskirts of Tumul Town- a city located down the mountain from Redpine Village.
Age: 19 (human) years old
Birthday: September 11th
Species: Meditite (Human-turned)
Ability: Telepathy
Known Moveset: Pound, Confusion


A rather headstrong and pushy young Buneary who's taken Indie under her wing- whether he likes it or not. Something of a country bumpkin who spends her time dreaming up worlds that exist beyond her small hometown of Redpine Village and collecting odd knick-knacks.

She and Indie first met at the Redpine Clinic after Indie woke up from a concussion he gained while entering the Pokemon world.

He and Erna soon took on Autumnal Forest, a dungeon in their village, where the two saved Dennis the Makuhita from a feral Raticate!

The pair are currently on the outskirts of Tumul Town, a city down the mountain from Redpine Village, investigating a dilapadated house.
Age: 17 (human) years old
Birthday: October 3rd
Species: Buneary
Ability: Limber
Known Moveset: Quick Attack, Baby-Doll Eyes

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